NAIROBI, KENYA: Over decades, Nairobi City has been experiencing rising motorisation rates with many of its people opting for private car ownership.
NAIROBI — Conflict, drought and floods have pushed a record number of Somalis into Mogadishu, making it Africa's most crowded city, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center said Tuesday.
JOHANNESBURG — The U.S. military says it has killed four members of the al-Shabab extremist group with a "self-defense" airstrike'' outside Somalia's capital after partner forces were attacked.
Police in Nairobi on Friday arrested a 25-year-old man for making documents of the Kenya Defence Forces without permission.
Communities of South West Somalia and other International Community in the area are observing the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) meddling into South West Somalia presidential elections. Strong reports are saying that the FGS has paid a large amount of money to exchange Sharif Hassan to lea- ve the office. FGS is believed openly and publicly after bargaining for some of presidential candidates and it is believed that they are pushing trying to make him the president (Governor) of South West
MOGADISHU-- Somali security forces killed six al-Shabab militants during a joint security operation in Basra, southern Somalia, on Saturday night.
NAIROBI, Kenya — A bloody rivalry has emerged between extremist groups in Somalia as the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab hunts upstart fighters allied to the Islamic State group, who have begun demanding protection payments from major businesses, officials tell The Associated Press.
Kulan is xog waraysi iyo wada tashi ah oo ay isugu yimaadeen musharaxiinta madaxwaynaha KGS, ayaa la isla falanqeeyay habsami u socodka doorashada madaxweynaha KGS, iyo arimaha laxariira amniga, waxaana laga soo saaray qodobadda hoose: 1. Waxaan u mahadcelinaynaa guud ahaan bulsho-weynta KGS ee jooga dalka iyo dibaddiisa sida wanaagsan oo ay u garab istaageen is bedelka iyo in ay muhiim tahay in la helo isbeddel buuxa oo ku yimaadda doorasho xor iyo xalaal ah, isla markaana aan laga hor istaagin mushaarax gaar ah. 

Mogadishu: Suicide attackers set off two car bombs at a hotel in Mogadishu where government officials are known to stay, killing at least 22 people, police said.
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Somali commandos backed by U.S. forces raided two al-Shabab checkpoints at which the extremists extort money from commercial vehicles, killing several fighters, Somali intelligence officials said Wednesday.