The mandate of the current interim administration of Southwest State of Somalia (SWS) will end on November 17, 2018. Before the abrupt resignation of its chair, deputy chair and spokesperson and over ten members, the Southwest Electoral Commission (Commission) was administering the electoral process fairly in accordance with the state and federal laws; and in a way that relatively upholds democratic principles and rule of law. We have received reports that the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is applying manipulative methods to seek change and influence the outcome rather than strengthening a fair and democratic process with transparency, integrity and fairness.
Nairobi – Eight countries in the East and Horn of Africa have committed to the establishment of “inter-agency cross-border technical working groups” that would facilitate the implementation of 22 identified good practices meant to boost cooperation and improve the efficiency of border operations.
Authorities in Somalia are investigating the deaths of four civilians reportedly killed by African Union troops Tuesday, after a roadside bomb targeted the peacekeepers' convoy.

The bombing occurred in Mogadishu's northern Huriwaa district, near Ex-Control Balad Junction, and damaged a water truck.
There are accusations with proves that both Somali Federal Government, led by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and ISWA Governor Sharif Hassan directly interfering the upcoming ISWA presidential election on 17 November 2018. On 31 October 2018 around 20 MPS of ISWA parliament were invited and air lifted to Mogadishu to meet Farmajo Administration for what people believe to corrupt the ISWA/MPS. On the other side Sharif Hassan is also try- ing to corrupt the election process which he is influencing and threatening some members of the the electoral commission leaders which they have alre- ady shown support and started campaigning for him.
ONn October 4, Mukhtar Robow Ali, former Al-Shabab (AS) deputy and spokesperson declared his candidacy for South West State (SWS) of Somalia presidency.  The Federal Government of Somali (FGS) disallowed his intent to run in the election that is scheduled for November 17, 2018. This leaves Robow in limbo; he is not integrated in the political processes neither he is trialed for his involvement with AS. As a result, his defection from AS through negotiation with the FGS and his intent to be part of the democratic process poses a test to the FGS’s political engagement with moderate and AS defectors.
Marka hore anigoo ku hadlaaya magaca Golaha Badbaadda KGS gaar ahaan xafiiskiisa Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose waxaan halkaan tacsi tiiraanyo leh ugu direynaa dhammaan eheladii iyo qaraabadii ay ka geeriyoodeen shan qof oo maanta 30 Oktober 2018
MOGADISHU- The United Nations senior envoy in Somalia has called on Somalis to pursue homegrown solutions to their problems amid tensions between the federal and regional state governments.
BOSASSO, Somalia: Fighting between clans in Somalia's breakaway Somaliland region has killed more than 50 people, a witness at the scene and an official in neighbouring Puntland said on Tuesday.
The passengers, according to Immigration PS Gordon Kihalangwa, landed from Mogadishu but they could not be cleared because of security concerns and anomalies with their documents.
Somalia should be enjoying a honeymoon period, having achieved a peaceful transition of power between outgoing and incoming presidents last year.