For over a decade, a dozen states and multilateral organizations have invested considerable time, effort, equipment, and hundreds of millions of dollars to build an effective Somali National Army (SNA). So far, they’ve failed.
CONCORD, N.H. – Lawyers representing an asylum-seeker from Somalia who's been detained for over 2 ½ years without a bond hearing say he's been released.
Eastleigh - In a restaurant in Eastleigh, a noisy Nairobi suburb, Shariff Omar, a Kenyan Somali, reaches for a brown folder.
MOGADISHU -- A senior leader of militant group al-Shabab surrendered to Somali government forces on Saturday, an official said on Sunday.
A man who pleaded guilty to pulling a gunon a group of young Somalis inside a McDonald's in a Minneapolis suburb has been sentenced.
Introduction Like most clashes between clan militias and al-Shabaab the recent battle (Thursday, 02 May) in the village of Abal (aka Yabaal) appears to failed to attract much serious attention from either local or international observers. At first glance, this should not come as a surprise. Such clashes are not uncommon in rural and remote regions of the country and while control of the village changed hands there were no reports of any significant losses suffered by either side.
MOGADISHU — At least five people were killed and nine others injured when a car bomb hit the headquarters of Wardhigley district, police and witnesses said on Tuesday.
(CNN)Where does an alleged war criminal accused of torture and directing mass executions look for work while living in the United States? For Yusuf Abdi Ali, there was an easy answer: Uber and Lyft.
Farhan Warfaa to give emotional testimony in Virginia courtroom in case that shines light on brutal 21-year reign of Siad Barre.
Maymona Abdi, 28, and Karima Watts, 24, arrested in January, released in April. Two Canadian women freed from a prison in Somaliland say they endured extreme abuse "bordering on torture" while they were detained for two months overseas.