Somalia parliament re-elects Speaker Jawari Featured

Somalia's parliament has re-elected Professor Mohamed Osman Jawari to head the Lower House, commonly known as the People's House in Mogadishu.

The law professor garnered the most votes during the Wednesday election, emerging ahead of Abdirashid Mohamed Hiddig, a former State minister, Abdifatah Ibrahim Geseey, a former regional governor, and Idris Abdi Daqtar.
The Interim Speaker of the Federal Parliament, Osman Elmi Boqore, announced the results. Up to 259 legislators voted.
Mr Daqtar garnered two votes with Mr Geseey getting 17 votes and Hiddig 97 votes. Professor Jawari secured 141 votes. Two votes were declared spoilt.
The winner was required to attain at least 139 votes, which is 50 per cent plus one of the total ballots cast.
Prof Jawari was born in 1945 in Afgoye town, 30km south of Mogadishu. He worked for the Somali government from the 1960s to the 80s.
The leader served the Horn of Africa country as a top civil servant as well as a minister in the 1980s.
He was the speaker of the 9th Federal Parliament of Somalia.
Following his re-election, he will guide the house for four years until January 2021.
The 282 members of Somali 10th parliament were sworn in on December 27, 2016. They comprised 242 members of the Lower House and 41 members of the Upper House (also known as senators).

Source: theeastafrican