U.S. airstrike kills 3 IS fighters in northern Somalia Featured

MOGADISHU— The United States military said on Saturday that it killed three Islamic State (IS) fighters in Somalia's Puntland region in an air attack on Friday.

The U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) said in a statement that no civilians were killed or injured in the strike which was conducted in cooperation with Somali government targeting ISIS (the IS) encampment in the Golis Mountains.

The statement said the Golis Mountains are a known area for al-Shabab camps and ongoing fighting between al-Shabab and ISIS Somalia.

Robert Huston, deputy director of operations at AFRICOM, said persistent pressure on the network ensures the threat is contained while degrading al-Shabab capabilities.

The Friday's attack is the sixth precision airstrike against ISIS Somalia since April 14 in a deliberate campaign to limit and disrupt freedom of movement in the area and to eliminate leaders of the organization.

Source: XINHUA