Somali to attend Russia meeting Featured

SOMALIA— Somali government has made public that Somalia is going to take part in the meeting that will be held in Russia

Somali embassy in Russia has stated that the Somali Government foreign affairs Minister Mr. Ahmed Isse Awad will represent the nation.  Awad will be accompanied by other government officials to Russia.

This is the fifth meeting held between Russia and the Arab League of Nations which will be held the sixteenth day of this month.

The Somali embassy also indicated that Somalia has taken part in all the four meetings these countries had before. Somalia attended the last which was held at the United Arab Emirates in the year 2017.

Somali government Prime Minister has left yesterday for Washington DC in the United States to hold talks with the World Bank and IMF. Khayre is expected to plead forgiveness for the past debts Somalia owes these organizations.