A Joint Statement by Southwest Scholars, and Civil Society Leaders Regarding Direct Meddling in the Southwest State Electoral Process. Featured

The mandate of the current interim administration of Southwest State of Somalia (SWS) will end on November 17, 2018. Before the abrupt resignation of its chair, deputy chair and spokesperson and over ten members, the Southwest Electoral Commission (Commission) was administering the electoral process fairly in accordance with the state and federal laws; and in a way that relatively upholds democratic principles and rule of law. We have received reports that the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is applying manipulative methods to seek change and influence the outcome rather than strengthening a fair and democratic process with transparency, integrity and fairness.

We, the undersigned scholars and civil society leaders, are deeply concerned about the FGS’s unconstitutional interference overshadowing people’s choices, depriving them of their constitutional rights to express their free political will in their own accord. These acts will likely lead to the exploitation of the fragile situation, create chaos and conflict. We are particularly alarmed by the following:


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