SWSSC Concerned About The Interventions of ISWA Presidential Election Featured

There are accusations with proves that both Somali Federal Government, led by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and ISWA Governor Sharif Hassan directly interfering the upcoming ISWA presidential election on 17 November 2018. On 31 October 2018 around 20 MPS of ISWA parliament were invited and air lifted to Mogadishu to meet Farmajo Administration for what people believe to corrupt the ISWA/MPS. On the other side Sharif Hassan is also try- ing to corrupt the election process which he is influencing and threatening some members of the the electoral commission leaders which they have alre- ady shown support and started campaigning for him.


The Chairman of ISWA Electoral Commission is Biased

The ISWA has been characterized with dictatorship, corruptions, threatening, intimidations, and lack of transparency and accountability since its inception. The latest being the nomination of the chairman of the electoral commission - a supporter of the current Governor of ISWA Sharif Hassan as per the clip be- low.


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