We'll defend ourselves against armed Somali herdsmen, Ngilu warns Featured

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has asked security agencies to end the invasion by Somali pastoralists into resident's farms in Mutha ward, Kitui South sub-county.

Ngilu said police have been slow to rebuff the armed herders.

She said she might ask the residents to defend themselves.

"The constitution of Kenya grants citizens the right to protection of life and property and such could not be compromised,' Ngilu said.

She urged the police to flush out the herders who have invaded Kitui County with their livestock destroying farm crops.

"Residents will thus have no option but be forced to take arms and protect their lives and property," said the apparently enraged Ngilu

“Enough is enough” the governor added.

The Governor was addressing wananchi in Mutha trading centre.

“I speak without fear. We shall deal firmly with this problem of insecurity and Somali invasions,” she added.

“They invade us and our farms killing and destroying property. Yet we do not take our cattle to their lands. Why do they then invade and attack us? Do they think we cannot defend ourselves?” she asked.

The Governor said that invasion of the county by herders and charcoal harvesters were impoverishing the people.