Secretary filmed hurling racist abuse at Somali women reconciles with them and poses for a photograph as they forgive her Featured

A white woman who was filmed hurling racist abuse at Somali women in a parking lot has apologized to the immigrants for her vile behavior.

A shocking video of Amber Hensley verbally abusing three women for their religious beliefs at a Fargo, North Dakota, Walmart went viral on Tuesday.

The secretary can be heard telling Somali immigrant Sarah Hassan 'we're gunna kill all of ya, we're going to kill every one of you f***ing Muslims' during the rant.

On Thursday the women reconciled and Hensley apologized for her actions as the Somali women said they had forgiven her and they all posed for a photo.

The Fargo police chief posted on the department's Facebook page a photo of the women along with a message that the Fargo community had 'things to work on' before commending the women for coming together.

Chief David Todd wrote: 'I want to put before you an example of what can be accomplished even though mistakes were made and unfortunate words were said.

'Amber Hensley, Sarah Hassan and Leyla Hassan have all expressed regret regarding their interaction and language with each other.

'With an openness to reconciliation, these women have come together and talked through this incident and expressed their sincere regrets, apologies and most importantly — forgiveness to each other.

'This process has also allowed them to gain understanding and respect for each other.’

 Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Sarah Hassan said: 'We forgive her. She had a bad idea about Islam and about Muslims. We sat down with her and discussed Islam...Islam is about forgiveness and we want to show that to people.

'She has a good heart, she's a good person inside, and we don't want anyone to judge her.'

On Wednesday accounting firm Horab and Wentz, where Hensley worked as a secretary, announced that she is being let go from her job.

A statement by the firm said: 'Horab & Wentz does not agree with or support the statements expressed by Amber Hensley in the recently posted video.

'She does not reflect the views of Horab & Wentz. Ms. Hensley is no longer employed with Horab & Wentz effective immediately.'

Hassan told Wday 6 that she was out shopping at Walmart on Tuesday with her 20-year-old sister Layla and friend Rowda Soyan, 23, when the incident happened.

Hensley accused the women of parking too close to her car before a row started, during which Hassan admits the group called Hensley a 'fat b****'.

Around halfway through the argument Hassan said she got out her phone and started recording, fearful of what might happen next.

The footage was initially posted on Snapchat before the group sent it to Hukun Dabar, director of the Afro American Development Association, who uploaded it to Facebook where it went viral.

Hensley initially commented on that video, apologizing for the outburst, but later deleted her Facebook account, removing the message.

She also deleted a Twitter account on which she had expressed support for President Trump.

Her apology read: 'I would first like to apologize for the horrible things that I said to the two ladies at Walmart. It was not a Christian-like thing to do at all and I wish I could take it back, but I lost my cool and I can't.'

Hensley said she reprimanded the group, asking them if they knew 'who Jesus was' at which point the group told her 'f*** Jesus, and I lost it.' 
Hassan told WDay 6 that she accepts Hensley's apology, adding that 'anyone can have a bad day.'

A shopper who claims to have seen Hensley inside Walmart before the argument broke out said she was also ranting at staff inside, and asked a manager why they don't employ people 'who can speak English'.

Source: Dailymail